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***This tool is a guide only, Cable size and length or dimmers used must be considered when choosing the correct driver***

FAQ'S - LED Driver Selection

What is an LED Driver and how does it work?

LED Lighting operates on lower and more precise voltages than that of halogen and incandescent lighting. LED Lighting operates on DC (direct current) rather than AC (alternating current).LED Drivers convert the incoming mains voltage of 240V AC and lowers the voltage. DC Voltage requirements for LED lighting is 12V or 24V DC, also known as constant voltage.

Havit LED Drivers have a standard mains voltage input but the output voltage needs to be specified when ordering.


Which LED Driver do I need for my application?

The LED Driver you require is dependent on the LED Lighting you wish to power.

If you are powering Havit LED Strip, you’ll need a constant voltage LED Driver that has a 12V or 24V DC output. The wattage of the driver required is determined by multiplying the length of the LED Strip by the wattage per metre. All LED Drivers have a maximum load and therefore we recommend adding an extra 10% to the calculated wattage to avoid overpowering the LED Driver.

LED Strip:

E.g. 9.6W LED Strip x 2000mm length = 19.2W + 10% = 21.12W

Recommended Driver: 30W Indoor/ Outdoor LED Driver. (IP Rating dependent on application)


If you are powering our Inground lights, Step lights, Deck lights, Garden Lights etc. The LED Driver required is determined on the run length of these products, the number of fittings on the run and the total wattage of all fittings on the run. The required wattage of an LED Driver to run these fittings is also determined on the thickness of cable used. We recommend a 60W LED Driver as a minimum for all Outdoor Lighting installations. As well 50% as a maximum driver load for all Outdoor Applications.

Outdoor Lighting:

E.g. 5W fitting x quantity of 10 = 50W

Recommended Driver: 100W Outdoor IP66 LED Driver. 

The LED Driver required will also be determined by the application. An LED Driver that is required outdoors will need to have an IP rating of at least 66.

 We recommended contacting your local Havit Sales Representative for further assistance regarding this matter.

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Does my LED Driver need to be weatherproof?

Most electrical products like LED Drivers have an International Protections (IP) rating. This is an indication of a products resistance to natural elements such as dust and water. An LED Driver with an IP rating of 20 is only suitable for indoor use whilst  an IP66 rated LED Driver is considered weatherproof and is resistant to water and dust but is not completely waterproof.


For more information please contact your Local Havit Sales Representative.