Kedron wavell rsl
chermside, qld
Commercial RGB LED Strips by Havit, LED Strip Profiles by Havit Commercial, Down Lights by Havit Commercial, Commercial LED Pendants by Havit

In the recent renovation of the vibrant Kedron Wavell RSL, Commercial By Havit played a pivotal role in enhancing the ambiance through cutting-edge lighting solutions. The project centred around the strategic placement of Commercial By Havit's sophisticated LED lighting fixtures, carefully selected to elevate the overall aesthetic. 

Commercial RGB LED Strips by Havit, Commercial Pendant Lighting by Havit

Complementing the dynamic LED strips, strategically placed dimmable downlights and LED Profiles by Havit Commercial provide focused and adjustable illumination, ensuring optimal visibility and highlighting key architectural elements. The seamless integration of these lighting solutions not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the renovated space but also underscores Commercial By Havit's commitment to delivering premium, innovative lighting solutions for commercial environments. This project stands as a testament to the successful fusion of functionality, elegance, and modern design, creating an inviting and visually captivating atmosphere within the RSL bar.

The main lighting elements employed in this project include DALI controlled RGB LED strip lights, versatile downlights, and LED Sheets. The Haviflex, featuring a full spectrum of RGBCW colours, were strategically placed to provide dynamic and mood-enhancing illumination, seamlessly aligning with the desired atmosphere, while being a flexible and convenient fixture to work with. This colour-changing capability allows the space to transform effortlessly, catering to the diverse moods and events hosted in the RSL. 

Commercial RGB LED Strips by Havit, Commercial Pendant Lighting by Havit

Product codes:

HCP-3761500, HCP-3771500, HCP-3925143, HCP-81340417, HCP-8921824, HCP-81340209,HCP-8921224, HCP-4915115, HCP-8921824

Dimmable Downlights, DALI Controllers and Drivers, LED RGB Strips and RGBCW LED Sheets & RGBCW Haviflex for ceiling features by Havit Commercial

Retailer: Cetnaj Geebung

Kedron Wavell RSL

Photography by Artem kuznetsov

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