Havit Lighting 2020 Product Images For Online Use


The launch of the 2020 Havit Lighting range represents the most significant innovations for Havit Products ever, with the majority of our range available with Tri-Colour By Havit as standard and the introduction of our groundbreaking 9in1 Tri-Colour Globes. To enable your customers to get the most of the new product ranges and to ensure you are ahead of the competition we require you to read the required updates below, fill in the form and agree to the updates so that we can send you the download link to the latest Havit Lighting Product Images.

Prior to the release of the 2020 Havit Lighting product images please fill in the form below and agree to remove or update all discontinued lines from your online websites. It is recommended that if you have a product that has been superseded by a new model or part number that you clearly display on the old page/product listing that a new model is available or use a 301 redirect to automatically direct customers to the new page/listing. In addition, we also request that you agree to update all current 2020 product model images to the new images as many models have updated photos to suit the latest catalogue release as well as the Tri-Colour by Havit logo to all products that use this technology. By agreeing to the above you also agree that you will continue to do so for each and every individual and complete image release.

On receiving you reply with the agreement to the above the 2020 images be released to you with the understanding that all updates will be completed in 7 days, please make sure all additional clauses are seen to as per the web image agreement previously signed.

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